No Longer Supporting PremiumPress Themes

CustomPhix was started to help the "non-tech" minded people with getting their site up and running with a PremiumPress theme since support hasn't been helpful to them. The themes are not user friendly for making custom tweaks, so a lot of time has been donated to assist PremiumPress members with custom help/development at no cost.

After about a decade of this (working with PremiumPress themes and helping PremiumPress members) the PremiumPress team has accused us of "distributing" it's software, which is untrue.

PremiumPress ran across our theme license key that more than likely someone obtained from one of our older PP demo/dev sites and posted it on a hacking site. They automatically assume it was intentional and suspended our PremiumPress account, so we no longer have access to the updates.

PremiumPress themes and it's support is not worth the time or effort. Their themes have a lot of challenges with every release having many bugs. Their support is hit and miss, most of the time it can take days for a response.

Due to the accusation we've decided we are no longer going to assist or work with PremiumPress themes. As a result, the plugins and phixes we've created for fixing PremiumPress themes are no longer available.

Our sincere apologies for those that still require assistance.

PremiumPress theme is NOT an ideal WordPress theme. Do your due diligence if you're considering on paying for a WordPress theme and it's also recommended to avoid PremiumPress themes if you're actually going to use on a live site or will require helpful support.

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