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v10.0.1 PremiumPress Themes Released | Updated August 03, 2020

Version 10 is a significant update! New frontend and backend designs and settings can be found in the new version 10 themes.

Currently, if you are interested in upgrading then you must request switching from v9 (or older) license to v10 via PremiumPress Support.


  • Forfeiture of license from previous theme versions is required for accessing/upgrading to v10.
  • v10 themes are NOT automatically added to your PremiumPress user account, you must request it.


    Displayed Message Within Pre-v10 User Accounts
    User Account Message For v10 Upgrade

    As of June 26, 2020 the following PremiumPress theme updates have been released:

    • Auction Theme
    • Car Dealer Theme
    • Classifieds Theme
    • Comparison Theme
    • Coupon Theme
    • Dating Theme
    • Directory Theme
    • Job Board Theme
    • Micro Jobs Theme
    • Real Estate Theme
    • Shop Theme
    • Video Theme

    Version 10.0.1 Available Now - PremiumPress Blog Details

    - JamesD

    As of August 02, 2020 it appears PremiumPress has straightened out the licensing issue between multiple version of their themes. User accounts have been updated with the latest v10 theme downloads.

    With the method they're using version 9+ theme licenses should still work.

    v10 theme installations use the order number to activate.


    Note: The Software Download theme and Stock Photo theme have not been updated to v10 as of yet.

    - JamesD