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Please Note: This plugin is intended for use with PremiumPress Responsive WordPress Themes v9+

Boiler WordPress Plugin


The CustomPhix Boiler is a simple, lightweight, plugin that allows you to quickly create child theme boilerplate from v9+ PremiumPress themes and child themes.

CustomPhix Boiler v1.0.5

Released: 03/20/2019

Boiler Phix History

Version: 1.0.0
Released: 02/26/2019

  • Initial Phix Release

Version: 1.0.5
Released: 03/20/2019

  • Changed Boiler admin layout for additional options
  • Added “Create Boilerplate” sub-menu link under the “Appearances”.
  • Added check for plugin updates and display message when available.
  • Added displaying current theme details and screenshot.
  • Added option to set child theme version.
  • Added option to set watermark text for screenshot stamp.
  • Added option to set watermark color.
  • Added option to set watermark size.
  • Added option to set watermark opacity.
  • Added option to set watermark angle.
  • Added option to upload custom image for theme screenshot.