About CustomPhix.com

The main purpose of CustomPhix is to be able to help other PremiumPress theme users save time (and frustration) by providing solutions specifically geared towards PremiumPress themes and fix common problems theme users run into.

Ideally, CustomPhix would like to make customizing PremiumPress themes easier and normal day-to-day administration duties more efficient and integrate.

A few of the goals we're striving for...

  • Extend or add additional functionality to PremiumPress themes without modifying core files.
  • Make it easier to extend and/or add additional functionality to PremiumPress themes.
  • Make it easier to customize PremiumPress themes with little to no coding.
  • Make it easier, and more friendly, to integrate PremiumPress themes with third-party plugins.
  • Make it easier to add additional/custom functionality to PremiumPress themes.
  • Help administrators become more efficient with mundane/repetitive tasks.
  • Help remove some limitations one may experience when using a PremiumPress theme.
  • Help save money by not needing to hire (and pay) a developer for trivial/various tasks.
  • Help educate those that would like to learn more about their PremiumPress problem and how to fix it.

The bottom line...

We would like to make all PremiumPress theme users lives as easy and stress-free as possible while still trying to push the limits of what the PremiumPress themes can do.

~ More Synergy ~